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Impact 2012

It's time for Impact to come to you! Take advantage of the learning opportunity that 8,500 technology and business leaders from around the world enjoyed at the 2012 IBM Impact Conference.


IBM WebSphere Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a complex enviroment where a large number of elements takes part in. With an application there must be taken into account: The network, the operating system, http server, databases, the Websphere administrative enviroment and the application itself.
Moreover operational matter plays as: security, fail-over mechanismen, workload balancing, monitoring, performance tuning, debugging and updates.
All this can translate itself in operational managing for a simple infrastructure or a machine or a multi-machine cluster infrastructure.

We are specialised in the following products:

- IBM Websphere AS en ND 5.X 6.X 7.X 8.X
- IBM HTTP Server/ Apache server
- AIX/Solaris/True64/Windows
- BEA Weblogic
- Database kennis met name Sybase
- IBM Websphere MQ serie
- IBM Portal Server 5.X 6.X
- Oracle Weblogic Server
- Oracle Application Server
- Axway Synchrony
- Tomcat
- Webmanager 3.X 9.X
- Axway Sentinel, Composer