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Impact 2012

It's time for Impact to come to you! Take advantage of the learning opportunity that 8,500 technology and business leaders from around the world enjoyed at the 2012 IBM Impact Conference.


Bos-ICT Is especially busy in the area of Middleware software
Your J2EE applications will need to run on a reliable Application Server

There are several application Servers where your J2EE application can work with.
For example: WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle Applicatie Server, Oracle Weblogic Server, IBM WebSphere Applicatie Server

Bos-ICT Delivers specialised services in the IBM WebSphere Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
We gladly help with to setting up, arranging and managing your Websphere enviroment. We have built particularly expertise with 'Websphere Application Server, Network Deployment' and 'Websphere Portal Server'

In addition, we have enough knowledge in house to serve you with the other variants Application Servers (WebLogic, Tomcat, Oracle Application Server and JBoss)